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about 8 years ago

Just announced! $5,000 “Appcelerator Cloud Services” Bonus to Mobile DevChallenge

You’re already a visionary and leading-edge mobile developer – so let us recognize your creativity and award some of the most innovative apps on the planet during Appcelerator’s Mobile Dev Challenge. Better yet, receive an extra $5,000 by integrating Appcelerator’s Cloud Services (ACS) into your app, featuring push notifications, photo sharing, check-ins, status, posts, social integration, chat, ratings, and more.

The app that makes the most innovative use of Appcelerator’s Cloud Services will win $5,000. This prize may be a stand-alone prize, or may be added to one of the other prizes.

Appcelerator Cloud Services is the fast and easy way to build next generation connected mobile apps. Featuring a pre-built library of common services you can develop your mobile apps at a fraction of the time, cost and risk. Delivered over the cloud, ACS scales elastically based on user adoption and provides a secure, reliable and highly available mobile backend.

  • Create a server-side backend for your app instantly via the cloud
  • Launch and scale your app automatically
  • No server coding or administration required

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The Appcelerator Team